Digital Transformation for the Insurance Industry

Digital Transformation

Insuring Digital – Driving Digital Transformation Across Insurance

For several decades, many industries have made significant shifts to the digital economy. By becoming more digital, these companies are able to run more efficiently, access new customers, and better serve existing customers for long-term growth. The insurance industry may be a relative newcomer to this digital transformation but the benefits for these organizations cannot be denied.

Digital Transformation

The Benefits of Digital Transformation for Insurance

Digital transformation in the insurance industry has great potential to completely change the way business is done.  From changing how insurance is bought and sold to redefining how insurance is marketed to new and existing customers.  Some key benefits of digital transformation with Financial Services Cloud for Insurance by Salesforce include:

  • Marketing – Being able to send targeted email campaigns with personalized content.  Having a 360 degree view of the customer allows marketers to target potential customers and clients in all new ways.  Now we can track things like life events, goals and policy data and use this for truly custom messaging.  The customer 360 also helps organizations to remain compliant with customer’s communication preferences.
  • Onboarding and Account Creation – Make it easy for the consumer to quote and buy policies online.  Your team members can rely on automated account setup and policy management.  No longer will you have to worry about consistency in the onboarding process as Action Plans will deliver structured and consistent onboarding flows. With a digital transformation organizations can track a customer’s journey from first interaction to loyal customer.
  • Claims – Organizations strive to make the claims process as frictionless and seamless as possible.  During this process it is important to provide exceptional customer care and service.  FSC for Insurance is designed to do exactly that.  With Salesforce communities organizations can make it easy for customers to file, follow up on and manage their claims.  Intelligent Flows in Salesforce can make sure that the right information is gathered and delivered at the right times.  Access to agents who can answer questions, provide updates and guide a customer through the claims process is made easy with Self Service access to agents and more through the community.  
  • Customer Service – Provide easy access to policy and billing information with the Salesforce Community. AI driven bots can provide service and ease the burden on your team members.  Knowledge articles can help your customers find the information they need at any time.  Communities for Salesforce combined with FSC for Insurance is a game changer for any organization.  Provide customer service agents with the information and tools to resolve customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. In the end, digital transformation can redefine the service process and what good service really means. 


Evergreen Xelerate Launch

Summit Xelerate Launch

Creating Innovative Solutions for Insurance

The key to a successful digital transformation is to engage with a partner that can be your guide throughout the process.  Focusing on the systems and processes that add the most value while having the least impact to existing systems and processes is the first step in your digital transformation journey.

Here at Xede we have been working hard with our partners to develop a robust COVID-19 response plan. For example, our Vonage + Xede Service Ready Quick Start that provides quick Service Cloud implementation along with a custom ready to deploy Vonage implementation.  We have combined all of our work with the work we have done on multiple Xelerators designed to get your digital transformation for insurance up and running.  Xelerators and Xelerate Launches are innovative solutions and features sets designed by Xede for industry specific use cases.  So if you need immediate transformation due to increased activity due to COVID or you just want to ensure you are ready for the future of insurance, we are here to help.  At Xede we constantly strive for industry innovation and that is why we have built several pre-packaged solutions that can be applied to your current or new Salesforce org affordably and quickly. Our Salesforce Xelerators for the insurance industry include:

  • Evergreen Xelerate Launch – The Evergreen Xelerate Launch product is designed to deliver a pre-configured set of functionality and features for the insurance industry.  Based on Financial Services Cloud for Insurance we provide you with all the account, policy and service management you need for a successful implementation.  We deliver a feature rich implementation taking advantage of all that FSC for Insurance has to offer.
  • Summit Xelerate Launch – Enable your customer service team to handle high call volumes and deliver a refined customer service experience with the Summit Xelerate Launch product from Xede.  This feature rich implementation uses all available Service Cloud tools, including omni-channel, to ensure that your cases are routed to the right agent at the right time.  Resolves cases quicker while building the ideal customer experience.  
  • Needs Assessor – To truly offer your customers and potential customers the right products you need to understand them and their needs.  The Xede Needs Assessor Xelerator is an easy to use guided solution to help you gather relevant information on your customers and their needs.  This solution is designed to help with compliant Know-Your-Client requirements and more.
  • Complaints to Compliments – Designed to track, manage and report on all customer feedback, from Complaints to Compliments.  This Xelerator provides and easy to use guided experience to input feedback and route it to the proper parties.  With Complaints to Compliments you can ensure that all regulatory required data is captured and managed.  Use Complaints to Compliments to manage expectations with customers and turn negative experiences into positive affinity building ones. 
  • Marketing Cloud Xelerate Launch – Communicating and marketing to your potential customers or customers is one of the most important activities you can do to build business and brand loyalty.  Our Marketing Cloud Xelerate Launch product is is the fast path to implementation of the platform as a stand-alone or integrated marketing automation platform. Start sending critical customer communications within two weeks of kickoff with pre-configured templates, and a customizable preference center with little to no code.
  • Marketing Cloud Xelerate Preference Center – If you only need a custom preference center for your Marketing Cloud solution we have the product you need.  The Marketing Cloud Xelerate Preference Center product is a customizable preference center with little to no code.  This user customizable preference center makes it easy to stay on brand without developing a custom solution.

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Let Xede be Your Trusted Partner

Whether you are in the middle of a digital transformation or just beginning to think about one, Xede is here to help guide you through the process.  Xede is your trusted guide throughout implementation and we are here to address your specific business needs.  The best time to think about the future of insurance and digital transformation is now.  Let Xede help you accelerate your growth with a well managed digital transformation.  Contact us today.


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