How Payments Firms Get Value From Salesforce

The Payments Industry has seen and will continue to see rapid growth due to changing consumer preferences with a continued move toward digital transactions for currency exchange.  This presents a challenge to prevent costs from growing at the same pace as revenues as revenue growth scales inorganically.  While synergies can be realized across the entire client life cycle, Xede’s clients have found 2 processes that are most effective to affect the cost/revenue curve.  Specifically, the Application and Onboarding processes offer the largest opportunity for impact.

The Application Process needs to:
* intake complex Credit Application data
* verify the data and enrich it with data for sub-processes like background checks
* ensure Underwriting can assess the risk and price the solution
* approve the Credit Application

These high level process steps don’t do the complexity of the business process justice.  Data Enrichment often includes integration with 3rd party solutions to ensure KYC Compliance via KYC SiteScan or TINCheck.  The Underwriting process needs CPQ and Inventory logic to select equipment appropriate for the applicant’s industry, examine inventory levels and evaluate pricing for hardware to fulfill the application.  

The Onboarding process is no less complex than the Application process.  Onboarding needs to:
confirm Inventory Levels and Order Existing or New inventory
*trigger new purchase orders if Inventory levels fall below defined threshold
*arrange shipping and label printing
*ensure all documents exist and are in order, including contracts and electronic signatures
*technical support for equipment installation and initialization

The Onboarding process has complexity in inventory management, logistics, document management and customer service.

Both the Application Process and Onboarding processes are OmniChannel and client-centric, making Salesforce the ideal platform for implementation.  Application, Underwriting follow ups, Onboarding, Logistic Confirmation and Technical Self-Service capabilities can be deployed via Experience Cloud with proactive communication powered by Marketing Cloud.  Internal processes including Application Tracking and Sales forecasting naturally fit in Sales Cloud’s Lead and Opportunity capabilities.  Underwriting can leverage Salesforce CPQ for pricing and inventory level tracking.  Documents can be created on platform and electronically signed via prebuilt integrations to leading signature providers like DocuSign.

Xede has proven client success in facilitating the above complex solution implementation, including the integrations with the above referenced 3rd party systems, ERP and fulfillment systems.  Xede has also extended the solution to include a native mobile application further enhancing the service paradigm with inventory barcode scanning to quickly identify the specific devices being diagnosed.  

Salesforce & Xede can help take your Payments business to the next level.  To engage in an exploratory discussion, please email

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