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Einstein Prediction Builder

Try Prediction Builder For Free

In the Spring ‘20 release, Salesforce is giving administrators the ability to try Einstein Prediction Builder for free using the Try Einstein experience.  The Try Einstein version lets you build up to 10 predictions and enable up to one of them at a time.  Also, if you use the Try Einstein version, you can upgrade to a paid version to unlock additional predictions and more.  

What is Einstein Prediction Builder?

Einstein Prediction Builder is a point and click solution that lets you make predictions about almost any Salesforce field in your org.  The predictions are given a probability score 0-100 by reviewing your salesforce field against historical data you specify.

The tool’s foundation is yes or no questions and predicting numerical data.  Einstein Prediction Builder supports checkbox, numeric (beta), as well as formula text fields that return TRUE, FALSE, or NULL.  

Use Cases

Einstein Prediction Builder is a great tool to give your users the ability to know what task to tackle next.  Here are some examples of where it could be used.

  1. The likelihood of a customer being late on a fee or even how many days the customer will be late
  2. Determining the number of new customers that will join a new rewards program
  3. Projecting quarterly sales revenue

Getting Started

One of the awesome things about this tool is that it can be done strictly via point and click.  Below are high-level steps to setup a successful prediction:

  1. Determine your question and how you can translate that into a yes/no or numerical data point
  2. Review your field to make sure that it is rendering data accurately.  This can be done leveraging standard Salesforce Reporting
  3. Jump into the Prediction Builder Wizard in Setup to create your predictive score field and select what data points should be used to calculate your score
  4. Review a high level score for the model
  5. Once reviewed, enable your prediction so that Einstein can start scoring!
  6. Build List Views/Reports so that your users can leverage the scores to determine their next steps

Prediction Builder Screen

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Prediction Builder requires at least 400 records to be able to make predictions.  In the case of binary predictions, the number of records must be at least 100
  2. Make sure to take note of your prediction quality.  Having >95% could seem good but is likely due to hindsight bias.  A prediction that is low is likely due not having enough fields to make a great prediction
  3. Predictions can only be created in production and developer orgs
  4. Predictions created in production aren’t copied to sandbox orgs. To use a prediction in a sandbox, copy your licenses from production and build a new prediction. For best results, use a recently refreshed, full sandbox
  5. Works for all custom objects and supports a subset of standard objects
  6. Einstein can’t build a prediction on an object with a deployment status of In Development. To build a prediction, first deploy the object
  7. To get started, look for Einstein Prediction Builder in setup. Click Get Started to review the terms and conditions and select another Get Started
  8. In situations where Get Started is not available, contact your Salesforce representative or Salesforce Customer Support

Let Xede be Your Guide

There you have it, Einstein Prediction Builder. This is just one of the cool new features Administrators should take advantage of to build intelligence and reduce time to market.  If you have questions about how to leverage Einstein Prediction Builder to turbo charge your business Xede can help.  Contact us today for more information about our Einstein implementation services.  

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