Portfolio Rebalancing With Salesforce For Wealth Management Companies

With the increase in market volatility and broader economic uncertainty, Wealth Management Companies will see an increase in Advisor requests to adjust client holdings.  As demand increases, operational costs for Wealth Management Companies will increase proportionally.  The need to mitigate cost while providing outstanding service has never been more important.

Leveraging Xede’s Portfolio Rebalancing Accelerator, Wealth Management Companies can offer an intuitive, guided interface for Advisors to make compliant requests for Portfolio Rebalancing to the Operations team.  This accelerator:

  • Provides access to specific funds based on individual Advisors or Agencies 
  • Aligns fund choices to portfolio types via allocation rules
  • Enables Advisors to create their preferred allocations and apply via a single click

Advisors are much less likely to be in an office now than they were 2 years ago.  Therefore, Xede’s Portfolio Rebalancing Accelerator is Mobile ready, while also offering traditional Web and Contact Center Experiences. 

Xede’s Portfolio Rebalancing Accelerator is built on Salesforce Experience and Financial Services Clouds.

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